Phenomenal Aire- Keeping Kids Healthy!

Daycares and preschools sometimes have a reputation for being “germ factories.” That is to say, little kids are often sick. 

There is a 2- to 3-fold increase in risk for respiratory infections, ear infections, and diarrheal disease. The increased risk is independent of age, race, and social class. Importantly, though, this risk also decreases significantly when appropriate diapering, handwashing, food-preparation and sanitary practices are used for cleaning the care space.  Installing Phenomenal Aire in a Care Center's HVAC system will work to improve the health and wellness of the children and caregivers alike!.

Benefits of Phenomenal Aire at your Care Center:

• Creates Ions Essential to Healthy Living
• Cleans Air Safely-No Harmful Byproducts
• Increases the Capture of Airborne Particulates
• Disables harmful microorganisms in the Care Space
• Reduces Contributing Factors to Asthma
• Demonstrates Commitment to Health & Wellness
• Works to Eliminate Daycare Syndrome Illness
• Reduces Sick Days for Care Providers
• Improves Attendance of Children
• Promotes Parent Satisfaction!