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Recent Visit by a Member of TPI's Partner Network

Recently you were visited by a member of Top Product Innovation's partner network.  The HVAC service technician may have been in your home on a routine service call when he or she introduced you to Phenomenal Aire cold plasma generator technology.  Time may not have permitted you to finish your review of the detailed product information or watch the explanation video.  This page contains all of the same informational assets so that you can review Phenomenal Aire at your convenience.  If after your review of the material you are ready to purchase Phenomenal Aire, please reach back out to your local contractor. Or, if you still have questions you would like answered, you can send us a note via the form below.  

Detailed Information about Phenomenal Aire for Download

Phenomenal Aire Cleans Air Safely.pdf
Phenomenal Aire Removes ODOR.pdf
Comparison of IAQ Technologies.pdf
Series R-Residential Case Study.pdf
ASHRAE SUMMARY on IAQ technology.pdf



If you have additional questions you would like answered about Phenomenal Aire, please drop us a note.  One of our technical specialists will be happy to assist you.  Just give us a few details.

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