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Supporting Remediation & Restoration

After the smoke clears and the water recedes

After a fire or natural disaster, you’re there to help restore your customers’ homes or businesses.  Ultimately you restore lives and commerce.  As a remediation specialist you take pride in your work and the services your company provides. When you leave the jobsite you want to leave your customers with peace of mind, so they can focus on getting back to life as normal and business as usual.

Phenomenal Aire & Remediation Plans

As a remediation specialist you know: Mechanical system components and associated air duct systems have the potential to collect particulate, contaminants, smoke, moisture, and gaseous emissions. Collections of these contaminants may create unsafe environmental conditions potentially affecting the performance and or hygiene of the mechanical systems’ internal surfaces from water, fire and smoke residue.   As a remediation specialist you also know, that even after the most thorough restoration, remnants of these residues can remain.  Your remediation plan should include Phenomenal Aire

Phenomenal Aire Cold Plasma Generator Technology can offer you, the restoration specialist, peace of mind in knowing that long after you leave, the services you provided continue to improve and maintain a healthy environment for your customers.  When installed in a home or commercial building's HVAC system, the healthy ions created by Phenomenal Aire will work to kill bacteria, virus, and mold spores that may remain from flood water residues.  The ions produced by Phenomenal Aire will also continue to breakdown the odors and smells of residues or dust left over from the smoke or VOCs created during the restoration process.    The same ions produced by Phenomenal Aire agglomerate airborne particulates, increasing the efficiency of the HVAC filtration media.



Residue in HVAC Duct

Mold Spores

HVAC Filtration Media

Case Study for Download

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