NJK Precision Simplifies Precise Air Flow Monitoring for Pharma Build

In a recent project, Coward Environmental Systems, Inc. (CESI), worked with a pharmaceutical client to simplify and improve the process of maintaining the required number of air changes per hour. For this client, regulated airflow was needed to pressurize a manufacturing facility in South Carolina. 

“We used NJK Precision equipment to report on the supply airflow for central station air handling units,” says Greg Munter, Sales Engineer at CESI. “It was easy to install, and it was easy for the installer to set up and commission. It also provided a cost advantage over trying to totalize the airflow at the fans.”

Simplification Results in Savings

“We’re able to save money for the end users on the project,” Munter adds, “because we’re totalizing the airflow at the discharge of the air handling unit versus totalizing the airflow at each individual fan on the fan array. That means the end user doesn’t have to add all those flows together.”

The NJK Precision unit was also easy to install. “By eliminating the need for multiple control points,” says Munter, “we also eliminated the need for additional wiring, monitors, and sensors. All those things add costs without adding precision, so NJK was an easy choice on this job.”

Accurate Readings on Fan Arrays

A fan array can contain up to a dozen fans or more. Other technologies require contractors to install sensors at each fan and totalize the flows, but that still may not ensure an accurate reading if a fan were to fail. 

Munter explains how NJK improved the process. “Rather than monitoring each individual fan, NJK Precision products monitor the discharge of supply airflow. And that means the measurement can happen at a single point in your AHU or ductwork.”

Solutions for Air Handling Challenges

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