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Dirty Sock Syndrome (DSS)


If you switch on your heating or air conditioning and discover there is a very unpleasant smell, your HVAC system is probably suffering from what is known as ‘Dirty Sock Syndrome” (DSS).


Only a decade ago there were just a few documented cases of this syndrome, mostly throughout the Southern United States.  However DSS is something millions of people have to contend with once the temperature drops and they seek some warmth in their homes.


DSS is caused by bacteria that collects and grows on the coils of heat pumps and ACs.  Odors are created when heat pumps go into defrost or when systems operate in heating for a limited period of time and are then put back into cooling mode.  The bacteria accumulate and grow on the coil during this heating time and odors are released when the indoor coil gets cool and damp.  Heat pumps and air conditioners experience the problem when they are reactivated after heating has been used.

By design, Phenomenal Aire CPG units destroy bacteria and mold.  In a recent residential application in Charleston, South Carolina Phenomenal Aire was installed to address DSS.  The odor was eliminated from the home and Phenomenal Aire continues to ensure a clean, odor free, ion rich living environment for the home owner. 

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